Junior Tour

Junior Tour

The USTA Missouri Valley Section in conjunction with National USTA designates junior tournaments by level, from one-day District Level 7 tournaments through Level 1 National Championships. Players must be between 11 and 18 years old (10U players must have completed Youth Progression).

These are ranking tournaments that award points based on results.

USTA St. Louis tournaments are ‘Open’ to players from other Districts and Sections, unless they are designated ‘Closed’. The same ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ designations apply to Missouri Valley Section tournaments.

Level 7 – District level one-day tournaments that use short set, round robin formats. A maximum of 32 ranking points/tournament is possible.

Level 6 – District level two-day tournaments, where players will play a maximum of four matches using shortened or full-length format. Players earn ranking points for matches won, up to 120 points/tournament.

Level 5 – District level two/three-day tournaments that use a feed-in consolation draw through the quarterfinals (FICQ). Points are earned based on the round reached, up to 300 points/tournament.

Level 4 – Section level three-day events that are highly selective, entry is based on rankings. Points are earned by round reached (up to 540 points)

Level 3 – Section and National events that can be three days, or longer. These tournaments are highly selective based on rankings, and award up to 900 points.