Captain’s Corner

USTA St. Louis Captain's Corner

Everything a Captain needs on one little page.

Captain’s Prayer

Please, grant me:
to listen to my teammates all season long
to settle their endless disputes
to accept all scheduling conflicts without disdain
to foresee our opponent’s weakness
to add my name to the lineup
to open my email after doing so and
to make it to the end of the season without choking the living breath out of anyone

Captain’s Responsibilities

Rule Highlights

  • Winning team enters scores.
  • Coaching during matches is never permitted.
  • Spectators have no place in a league match (line calls, score etc.). All conflicts must be resolved by the players on that court.
  • Once lineups are exchanged, they cannot be changed. If a player is missing at default time, available players move up so the lowest singles/doubles court is defaulted. If a player is injured during warm up, they can be replaced before the first ball is served.
  • If a total team default occurs, the team could be removed from the league.
  • Both captains must agree on rescheduling a match. If one captain does not agree to a reschedule, the schedule will be followed as published.
  • When a match that is rained out or suspended for inclement weather a reschedule date must be set within 14 days. The captains’ failure to do this will result in the league coordinator scheduling the match at a time, date and location of her choosing.

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Currently accepting Team Registrations for:
2021 Adult 18 & Over SPRING (indoors)

Looking for Players?

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